Desk and bookcase accessoires, bookends, faux books, letter racks and other hand made luxury gifts. l Typical English, Amsterdam and Kent

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Luxury desktop accessories

Hand painted and gilded by true English artists, our collection of beautiful desktop accessories.
will grace any desk or bookcase.
Like the rest of our furniture, everything is hand made in England.


Coasters ( Set of 4 )

No more ring marks on your furniture !

Protect your furniture with these very fashionable coasters that are designed to look like miniature books

They come in a set of 4 with there very own holder.

Hand Made in Engeland

Putting the finishing touches to one of our desktop products.

bureau accesories

Book end desk blotter

Desk Blotter
schrijfblad Our blotter comes with a sheet of white blotting paper so you can soak up your ink, and protect the top of your desk.

« Click the image on the left for a close up.

Ashtray and pencil holder with clock

For you smokers, our ashtray has a removable glass insert for easy washing
Pencil holder
Tell the time and store your pens and pencils.
pencil holder

Book ends

Book ends
Cleverly designed, our well weighted bookends will prop up the most heavry rows of books.

Come as a pair
Klik for a close up.

Fishing reel book ends

fishing reel book ends

Click for a close up
Fishing reel book ends

For that fisherman in your life !

Heavy classic reel and line fishing reels book ends.

Come as a pair.

Drinks box

drinks box Sat on your desk, or in your bookcase, this looks just like two books. Open it up and there will be revealed your favourite drinks.

Magnifying glass, letter opener and ruller

Make great presents.

The ruler has a heavy brass base and a faux book spine.

The letter opener doubles up as a handy weapon which you can quite easly stab some body to death.
gift set

Bureau accessories

bureau accessories
Letter holder, desk top organiser tray, gilt pen in holder

Desk top filing tray

Plenty of space here for all your papers and bits.

Desk top magazine and journal holder

Also big enough for telephone directories

magazine and journal holder

Waste bin

waste bin
Library waste paper bin and square bin

Not too big and not too small.

Ordnance files

These ordnance files/b>

  • Receipt Ledger Box
  • Pension Ledger Box
  • Mortgage Ledger Box
  • Banking Ledger Box

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